Priorat is one of only two regions in Spain where the wines are classified as D.O.Q, the other being La Rioja.  Having the term "Qualificada" added to the D.O. classification signifies that the wine is of the highest quality according to the Wine Regualotory Council of Catalonia.

This region has only recently come onto the international stage after transforming itself from one of the poorest regions in Catalonia to one that is present in the top wine reviews of the world.

The secret to Priorat wines is the soil which is made of slate, called LICORELLA in Catalan.  Despite being one of the driest regions in Spain, the vines, many over 100 years old, are able to sustain long droughts thanks to the brittle nature of this licorella, allowing the roots of the vines to grow deep into the ground to find water and also adding mineral characteristics to the wine.  

The mountanous landscape of Priorat is breathtaking and unique with its steep terraced vineyards and "costers". This region has over 100 cellars and is very isolated and difficult to arrive to. We will make this trip easy for you by taking care of the transport and by carefully selecting the right cellars to satisfy your expectations.


1 Day Trip  PRIORAT 

  • Pick up from hotel
  • Private driver + Private tour guide
  • Visit to celler including vineyard
  • Lunch
  • Visit to 2nd celler
  • Back to your hotel









*Languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish and Catalan

*Each tour can be tailored to meet all of your expectations. Prices will be adjusted accordingly to per person and/or tour requirements



Day 1 

  • Pick up from hotel
  • Private driver + Private tour guide
  • Visit to the Escaladei Monastery, birthplace of Priorat
  • Lunch
  • Visit to a Priorat DOQ celler alongside the Monastery
  • Dinner (+optional activity **ask for quote)
  • Overnight stay in charming rural hotel


Day 2

  • Visit to a Priorat DOQ celler in morning
  • Lunch in a breathtaking village
  • Visit to a Montsant D.O. cellar
  • Back to your hotel